Sunday, May 15, 2011

Content curation sucks

There’s been a load of chatter in the Social Media echo chamber about the increasing role of content curation rather than content creation.

The theory goes that more people will abandon blogging and other ways of producing content in favour of becoming virtual guides to these sources. Twitter even encourages this sort of behaviour by only providing you 140 characters to provide just a sentence or a link & comment.
Well, quite frankly, this sucks! (there I said it!)
  • Has nobody ever heard the phrase “too many chiefs and not enough Indians”?
  • Why is pointing at content better than producing it?
  • Have we really reached an online pinnacle where everyone now needs to go from becoming a journalist to an editor?
  • Does the world really need a plethora of people saying “check this out”, rather than “I think this”?
  • Is this really the evolution of social media, where the citizen blogger transitions to the citizen news signpost?
Hopefully not!

Hopefully there is still a place for blogging and the publication of original, thought-provoking content that develops ideas and challenges existing perspectives.
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