Friday, December 14, 2012

UK finance comparison sites are pretty optimised

Today I did a check on the top four finance aggregator sites to see how they compare with each other. The results were found using the Firebug and Google page speed plugins for Firefox (in case you wondered) and make for interesting reading...
Homepage weight: 539.1K
Number of items: 47
Page Speed Score: 82/100
Homepage weight: 488.9k
Number of items: 42
Page Speed Score: 84/100
Homepage weight: 339.9k
Number of items: 63
Page Speed Score: 88/100
Homepage weight: 800.4k
Number of items: 65
Page Speed Score: 87/100

It's good to see that as an industry matures and as companies within it fight for supremacy, they optimise their web presence in every way. The high page speed score shows they are all taking download / display time seriously, with perhaps only having a worrying page weight of over 800k
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