Monday, July 22, 2013

email to Stephen Halpin of Merchant Soul


The time has come for us to stop working together.

Currently Ideal Interface is owed £24,600 by Merchant Soul, not including our final invoice due at the end of July for £1,680. This is a significant sum outstanding and has now become of considerable concern to Moya and myself, also meaning we have not able to meet certain financial obligations.
As I see it, there is either a lack of concern on your part or an inability to pay. If it is the former, then I need to inform you that we have been speaking to a corporate lawyer to take action to claim this money back via whatever means. If it is the latter, then there has been no mention of this by you at all and therefore your company is continuing to trade on money that should have been used to pay suppliers such as us.
You have therefore given me no option but to do the following:
1. Conclude our working relationship with immediate effect
2. Inform any known suppliers of Merchant Soul of my decision and that they are also at risk of non-payment
3. Contact Merchant Soul’s digital clients and inform them of my decision 
4. Lodge this debt against Merchant Soul Holdings with the relevant agencies & authorities
However, from my perspective, what is perhaps the most concerning of all is that you have not responded once to Moya’s emails, calls or texts over the last few months. She has gradually escalated the issue with you and not once have you replied, questioned or apologised for leaving us with this amount of money owed.

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