Friday, September 13, 2013

Do you have Social Media Guru Disease?

I fear that a new highly virulent strain has gripped the modern world. One that seems to be so infectious it is spreading life wildfire and afflicting nearly everyone it comes into contact with.

What are the symptoms?
  1. A delusional state of mind 
  2. The constant mentioning of abilities and expertise that the person clearly doesn't have
  3. The impersonation of professionals they have occasionally met or seen
  4. Constant requests for you to like them or follow them
In case you haven't some into contact with these poor people yet... These symptoms are also accompanied by other physical manifestations, such as the sudden appearance of websites and marketing material claiming to "learn the basics" or "grow your business with Social Media". These messages, like a form of digital graffiti, are now posted all over Linkedin and Facebook... it's almost as if those who are worst affected are using the very channels that fuel their delusions as cries for help.

Yes, Social Media Guru Disease is here people and could be affecting those around you at this very moment.

  • Does your partner keep setting up different Twitter accounts for no reason?
  • Has your son started drawing large letters (particularly the letter 'F' in blue) on every vertical surface?
  • Have you the secret worry that 'Instagram' may not be the covert word for your colleague's drug habit?
  • Has an old school friend sent you over 15 request to 'like' their flower arranging business in the last week?

I noticed this disease appear a couple of years back and hoped it wouldn't get out of control. But alas, it seems it might be too late.... I hope not! 
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